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Welcome to CHECK24 deposit platform – launched by Europe’s most successful comparison portal.

You are looking for access to the deposit market in Germany to raise funding at attractive rates or to diversify your funding channels? CHECK24 is your experienced and reliable partner when it comes to accessing the German retail deposit market.

We are Germany’s largest and leading comparison portal, offering online price comparisons and thus enhancing transparency across all relevant consumer products in the fields of insurances, electricity and gas, shopping, telecommunications, travel and of course banking. Founded in 1999, we proudly look back on a continuous success story with more than 15 million customers trusting in CHECK24 today – making us the most successful comparison platform in Europe.

Amongst our comprehensive portfolio of over 50 consumer products, we have a particularly strong footprint in banking, offering online comparisons for consumer and mortgage loans, current accounts, credit cards and – last but not least – deposit accounts.

About CHECK24

  • Europe’s most successful comparison portal

  • Comprehensive portfolio with 50+ products

  • 15+ million customers

  • Growing partnership network of over 300 banks

  • More than a decade active in the German banking market

CHECK24 deposit platform
How it works

As market leader, we strive for providing consumers with best products and a 100% digital customer journey. For this reason, we have established a deposit platform for overnight deposits and fixed term deposits, listing more than 100 products so far.

The CHECK24 deposit platform connects German retail depositors with banks all over Europe, resulting in access to better offers on the customer side and the chance to raise funding more efficiently and flexibly on your side as a partner bank.

The CHECK24 deposit platform connects retail depositors from Germany with product banks from all over Europe.

Join the CHECK24 deposit platform
Your benefits in becoming a partner

Gain access to Europe's biggest deposit market

With a volume of more than 2 trillion euros held in cash and savings accounts alone, the German retail deposit market is the biggest market of its kind in Europe.

Since CHECK24 will take care of all customer interactions from marketing and onboarding to customer service, you will not need a local franchise or a dedicated organization to enter the German market.

Benefit from CHECK24's experience in the German banking market

We have been active in the German retail banking market for more than ten years now. Therefore, CHECK24 exactly knows how to attract new customers and to convert them into new clients for your deposit offers.

In addition to that, a huge existing customer base of millions of German residents enables you to quickly generate required volume on short notice.

Profit from best-in-class onboarding processes

With best-in-class application forms available on desktop and mobile devices as well as via the CHECK24 app, you will benefit from the highest conversion rates in the market.

A 100 percent digital customer onboarding process plus one-time identification are making it easy for depositors to invest their money into your deposit products.

Adapt funding volumes to your individual needs

By means of customized exclusive offers and product promotions, such as cashbacks and vouchers, you will be able to upscale volume cost efficiently.

By lowering interest rates and reducing promotions you will in turn be able to reduce your volume at any time.

Strengthen your liquidity position and mitigate risks

Diversify your funding channels and be best prepared for the point in time when commercial money markets are getting tighter.

Generate funding, which in terms of volume, price and maturity might suit your needs better than funding available in your home market.

Maximize funding with minimal costs and IT effort

Benefit from fair and transparent commission fees and save on fixed costs. Pay only for actually collected money instead of setting up a capital-intensive organization to serve the German market.

Since CHECK24 offers you tailor-made solutions and a flexible approach, you reduce your IT effort to a minimum.

Are you interested to enter the German retail deposit market with CHECK24?
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